The essence of old yet new, Retroclassique represents a classic style that will never age.

The 3″x6″subway tiles with large decoratives were a staple of Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian styles at the turn of the Century. In the tradition of hand-molded tiles, Retroclassique features slightly rounded edges and a soft undulating surface.

Lily and Linen are uniform (V1) selections, while the four earthy tones of Avocado, Mocha, Pewter and Silver have a natural variation of hue (V2). These tiles are crafted using a fumé technique that gives each tile a unique pattern and natural color variation.

Giving this series its true modern, yet vintage look are the decoratives. The two 6″ long Chair Rail options are 4″ and 2″ high. One remarkable listello is a stylized floral motif. The other listello is a multi-purpose circular repeating pattern that can be used as a border, or cut into squares for use as an insert.

NEW! Retroclassique Mosaics are now available in five colors in this series! The Bulb mosaics add an unmistakable vintage appeal to any design. Download the supplemental literature here.

This glazed ceramic wall tile collection will give an added touch of elegance to your next design collaboration. This tile is suitable for all residential and commercial wall, backsplash and countertop applications, it is GREENGUARD® certified for indoor air quality.



Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain

Retroclassique, Silver  


Silver 4"x6" Chair Rail


Commercial, Corporate, Hospitality, Residential, Retail


Backsplash, Commercial - Light, Counter, Wall


Eco-FriendlyCertified Porcelain


9 mm (⅜")
Water Absorption
Abrasion Resistance
5 Mohs
Scratch Hardness
5 Mohs
Breaking Strength
125 lbs. lbf avg
Shade Variation
V1- Lily & Linen; V2 - All other colors

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Lily Bulb 12x12 Mosaic

Lily Bulb 12"x12" Mosaic

Lily 2x6 Circles Listello

Lily 2"x6" Circles Listello

Lily 3x6 Floral Listello

Lily 3"x6" Floral Listello

Lily 2x6 Chair Rail

Lily 2"x6" Chair Rail

Lily 4x6 Chair Rail

Lily 4"x6" Chair Rail

Linen Bulb 12x12 Mosaic

Linen Bulb 12"x12" Mosaic

Linen 2x6 Circles Listello

Linen 2"x6" Circles Listello

Linen 3x6 Floral Listello

Linen 3"x6" Floral Listello

Linen 2x6 Chair Rail

Linen 2"x6" Chair Rail

Linen 4x6 Chair Rail

Linen 4"x6" Chair Rail

Avocado Bulb 12x12 Mosaic

Avocado Bulb 12"x12" Mosaic

Avocado 2x6 Circles Listello

Avocado 2"x6" Circles Listello

Avocado 3x6 Floral Listello

Avocado 3"x6" Floral Listello

Avocado 2x6 Chair Rail

Avocado 2"x6" Chair Rail

Avocado 4x6 Chair Rail

Avocado 4"x6" Chair Rail

Mocha Bulb 12x12 Mosaic

Mocha Bulb 12"x12" Mosaic

Mocha 2x6 Circles Listello

Mocha 2"x6" Circles Listello

Mocha 3x6 Floral Listello

Mocha 3"x6" Floral Listello

Mocha 2x6 Chair Rail

Mocha 2"x6" Chair Rail

Mocha 4x6 Chair Rail

Mocha 4"x6" Chair Rail

Pewter 2x6 Circles Listello

Pewter 2"x6" Circles Listello

Pewter 3x6 Floral Listello

Pewter 3"x6" Floral Listello

Pewter 2x6 Chair Rail

Pewter 2"x6" Chair Rail

Pewter 4x6 Chair Rail

Pewter 4"x6" Chair Rail

Silver Bulb 12x12 Mosaic

Silver Bulb 12"x12" Mosaic

Silver 2x6 Circles Listello

Silver 2"x6" Circles Listello

Silver 3x6 Floral Listello

Silver 3"x6" Floral Listello

Silver 2x6 Chair Rail

Silver 2"x6" Chair Rail

Silver 4x6 Chair Rail

Silver 4"x6" Chair Rail


8.5 mm, 9 mm (⅜")
Water Absorption
Abrasion Resistance
5 Mohs
Scratch Hardness
5 Mohs
Breaking Strength
125 lbs. lbf avg
Shade Variation
V1- Lily & Linen; V2 - All other colors