Chapter 17: Atlas

The Atlas collection is a hand-crafted crackle ceramic line, Atlas was created from the ground up with a keen attention to detail and a balance between traditional and contemporary design, which truly sets Atlas apart.

Atlas has some exciting new surprises. Offered in this collection comprised of four beautiful colors are: four beautiful mosaic patterns, three field sizes (3×12, 3×6, 4×4), and three moulding pieces appropriately named after Atlas terms.

Choosing only the best colors for this hand-crafted ceramic line, we kept the palette limited to four colors. “Cobblestone” is a beautiful, light, near white color similar to the previous color “Waterford.” “Riverwash” is a light grey comparable to “Wexford.” Two new colors have been developed, drawing upon inspiration from the past. “Sand bar” is a lighter beige similar to “French Crema,” and Spanish Moss is a lighter modification from the very popular “Limerick” color.

The “Lighthouse” mosaic is a beautiful three-dimensional piece which creates an unmatched element of intrigue and shimmer to any install. The “Coastline” mosaic is a linear contemporary mosaic, which because of the handcrafted nature, often has a curvature that resembles a light basket weave that is subtle and unparalleled. “The Keys” mosaic is an elongated brick mosaic that exemplifies the subtle shade variations of Atlas and works well as a traditional mosaic install or contemporary accent. Finally the “Island Pier” mosaic is a combination of a linear mosaic with the cubes from the “Lighthouse” mosaic giving it an unrivaled unique feel.




Sand Bar

Spanish Moss

Chapter 17: Atlas, Spanish Moss  


Spanish Moss 1-3/8"x7/8"x11-3/4" Continent Dome


Commercial, Corporate, Education, Government/Municipality, Hospitality, Religious/Worship, Residential, Retail


Backsplash, Wall


10 mm

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Cobblestone 2-1/4x7/8x11-3/4 Atlas Crown

Cobblestone 2-1/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Atlas Crown

Cobblestone 1-3/8x7/8x11-3/4 Continent Dome

Cobblestone 1-3/8"x7/8"x11-3/4" Continent Dome

Cobblestone 3/4x7/8x11-3/4 Territory Dome

Cobblestone 3/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Territory Dome

Cobblestone 4"x4" Single Bullnose

Cobblestone 3"x12" Single Bullnose

Cobblestone 3"x3" Double Bullnose

Cobblestone 4"x4" Double Bullnose

Riverwash 2-1/4x7/8x11-3/4 Atlas Crown

Riverwash 2-1/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Atlas Crown

Riverwash 1-3/8x7/8x11-3/4 Continent Dome

Riverwash 1-3/8"x7/8"x11-3/4" Continent Dome

Riverwash 3/4x7/8x11-3/4 Territory Dome

Riverwash 3/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Territory Dome

Riverwash 4"x4" Single Bullnose

Riverwash 3"x12" Single Bullnose

Riverwash3"x3" Double Bullnose

Riverwash 4"x4" Double Bullnose

Sand Bar 2-1/4x7/8x11-3/4 Atlas Crown

Sand Bar 2-1/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Atlas Crown

Sand Bar 1-3/8x7/8x11-3/4 Continent Dome

Sand Bar 1-3/8"x7/8"x11-3/4" Continent Dome

Sand Bar 3/4x7/8x11-3/4 Territory Dome

Sand Bar 3/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Territory Dome

Sand Bar 4"x4" Single Bullnose

Sand Bar 3"x12" Single Bullnose

Sand Bar 3"x3" Double Bullnose

Sand Bar 4"x4" Double Bullnose

Spanish Moss 3/4x7/8x11-3/4 Territory Dome

Spanish Moss 3/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Territory Dome

Spanish Moss 2-1/4x7/8x11-3/4 Atlas Crown

Spanish Moss 2-1/4"x7/8"x11-3/4" Atlas Crown

Spanish Moss 1-3/8x7/8x11-3/4 Continent Dome

Spanish Moss 1-3/8"x7/8"x11-3/4" Continent Dome

Spanish Moss 4"x4" Single Bullnose

Spanish Moss 3"x12" Single Bullnose

Spanish Moss 3"x3" Double Bullnose

Spanish Moss 4"x4" Double Bullnose


10 mm