All of the profiles you are looking for: Floor, stair nosing, wall, expansion joints, drain systems… and more!

FLOORTEC: Profilitec recently introduced Floortec, its new uncoupling membrane developed for​ better, faster​ and stronger installations. More information.

LEVELTEC: Leveltec is a revolutionary tiling system with no current equivalents in the market. More information. 

PEDESTALS and ACCESSORIES: Paving support by Profilitec for floating floors, great for rooftops and any space that needs self-leveling support for water drainage. More information.

SHOWERTEC: Highly-advanced shower system. Showertec has a very high vapor permanence rating, flexible curb height and semi-rigid Foiltec waterproof membrane and pre-formed corners that install quickly and easily. The sealed square drain system provides maximum versatility and protection. Watch the Showertec Installation Video here.