New Product Announcements

February 2019

  • Bistrot: An authentic rendition of famous marbles, ideal for extravagant design
  • Palazzo: Inspired by the grand palatial buildings of Italy, tiled in glistening white marble.
  • Authentic Plank: A durable, waterproof product that exactly replicates the look of hardwood flooring.
  • Radiance: Radiance brick tiles and mosaics positively glow in certain lights. Don’t take our word for it — see this range of Gloss and Frost for yourself to appreciate the full effect.

January 2019

  • Afromosia: Afromosia is an exotic wood used for parquet flooring; a rare variety of exceptional quality. The wood has a smooth, balanced grain, with no gnarls.
  • Eden: Eden is a timeless style told in a beautifully crafted reclaimed brick tile, a combination of vintage style and contemporary moods.
  • Enchant: This representation of regal marbles blurs history with the essence of contemporary design, surrounding you with luxury. Create a space that is at once romantic, serene and exotic.

December 2018

  • Eclipse: Eclipse bricks are cast glass, which means that they are made from molten glass poured into casts or moulds. The frosted undulating surface takes on a different character dependant on light conditions. The deep colours result from a reflective coloured backing. They are made from 80% recycled glass.
  • Mt. Royale: Mt. Royale delves into the popular wood-look trend with natural graining imitating the appearance of walnut wood. This large-format style possesses a realistic surface, offering the beauty of a traditional wood-look with lifelike graining and soft undulated grooves for added texture.
  • Quick Ship: The Mid America Tile QUICK SHIP program has recently been expanded! To see in-stock products, ready to ship, follow the orange “Quick Ship” icon on our website!
  • Reef Glass: A stunning collection of glass tiles and mosaics featuring a soft satin finish in a fresh color palette. As the name “Reef Glass” implies, the core of the design is to bring the feel of the coastline indoors with unique mosaic patterns that are the perfect complement to the very fun yet elegant coastal motif.
  • Minerality: Bringing linear and striated visuals to rubber tiles and planks, Minerality is inspired by the natural grain of wood and stone materials. These sophisticated looks are ideal where the benefits of rubber flooring—slip resistance, shock-absorbing qualities and natural acoustic properties—are desired.
  • Mapesonic RM: Premium sound-reduction and crack-isolation rubber membrane. See your sales representative for more information!